COMPENDIA by Jason Kofke and Mike Germon



Please join us for Compendia, an installation of new and existing work by Atlanta-based artists Jason Kofke and Mike Germon. Kofke and Germon are both known for weaving past, present, and future into revaluations of our place within history, and the mythologies that we rely on to provide meaning in an increasingly fragile world. Together for the first time, these two artists offer a glimpse into the future, by way of the past.

Compendia is the second of three projects in a year long partnership with CenterForm. View our inaugural project, Echolalia by Tori Tinsley, HERE.


Twin Radius Presents:


Jason Kofke and Mike Germon

Saturday, July 29th, 6-9 PM at CenterForm


Com·pen·di·um / kəmˈpendēəm (noun) plural noun: compendia 1. a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject, especially in a book or other publication 2. a summary, epitome, or abridgment


ON VIEW: Saturday, July 29 - Friday, September 1st, 2017

GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM (or by appointment)

ARTIST TALK: Saturday, August 26th, 2-3:30 PM




Jason Kofke understands a culture through images of what has been abandoned, discarded, or abrogated. He uses art as salvage ethnography to attribute meaning to events and artifacts of the past. His projects empathize with communal historical experiences and attempt to make sense of the present through a re-exploration of a common history.

Kofke is a recipient of a 2015 ELEVATE (Atlanta) Award, a 2011 Artadia Grant and a 2009 Idea Capital Grant. He has been awarded residencies at...

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Atlanta native Mike Germon’s collages look to have been found in an old drawer in which they did not belong. His pieces include elements that reference scientific themes ranging from astronomy and biology to theoretical physics while addressing topics of mythology, science fiction, and magic.

Having earned his BFA in Art (digital media) from The University of Georgia in 2005, Germon has since worked as a props person in the film industry while...

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Studio Visit with Tori Tinsley

Studio Visit with Tori Tinsley

Artist Tori Tinsley’s show Echolalia kicks off Twin Radius’ inaugural exhibition February 4th at CenterForm. Executive Director Jacob Gunter and Advisory Board member Ruth Stanford visited Tinsley in her studio for a Q&A to gain insight into her work, her process, and some thoughts on the Atlanta art scene. Tinsley’s show opens February 4th, 6-9 PM at CenterForm.

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